Reflections on Thing #4

Reading blogs is kind of like cleaning out drawers or a closet. You start with a goal in mind, but then you keep finding interesting things to look at, and before you know it, a couple hours have passed and you are not close to accomplishing your goal. I really did not want to look at a recipe for broccoli fritters when I started to explore educational blogs!

Reading blogs is so different from a lot of my reading because a lot of it can be the opinion of a total stranger that may or may not have credentials that I would consider important. So yes, you must find bloggers that resonate with you and your situation and beliefs etc.

How can blogging be used in my classroom? Not sure yet. In the 5th grade, our writing teacher has students share their work and other students write responses. I could see this being done via a blog. She does a lot of work with the students beforehand, however, on how to write positive responses and this would still be very important.

One of my favorite blogs so far has been “Why I don’t give homework.” A lot of the comments were also very good and even led me to explore a book on classroom management called Envoy. That’s the best thing about good thoughtful comments… the original idea is enhanced.

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